Marine Consultancy

We bring versatile expertise for all types of vessels from general cargo, bulk carriers, chemical, oil and LPG to LNG tankers. Our team is highly experienced with in depth industry knowledge and fine balance of nautical & engineering

All types of superintendency jobs are offered:

  • Vessel Attendance and Operator’s Representative for Pre-vetting, PSC, SIRE and CDI Inspection
  • ISM, ISPS and MLC Internal Audits, Environmental, Navigation, Cargo and Mooring Systems Audits. Remote Audits and VDR Analysis
  • Exclusive major repairs, overhaul and DD projects
  • Independent Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Pre-chartering and Commercial Suitability Inspection
  • Pre-purchase and Condition Survey, Disputes and Claims Assistance
  • Advice on Port Call, Port Captaincy and Operational Excellence

Commercial Shipping

Our aim is to facilitate and provide a common platform for shipping companies, traders, cargo owners, suppliers and receivers. We bring combined industry experience of 25+ years with fine balance of technical & commercial shipping.

Our team has a versatile expertise and in depth understanding of oil, gas and bulk shipping movement. An added advantage is wide and close-knit network with cargo owners, charterers and ship owners/operators with extensive and complete coverage of various markets across the globe.

Our team ensures that there is a quick turnaround time with no non-sense approach towards business and a tailor made solution is provided specific to each project/job.

Following services are offered:

  • Charterers and ship-owners brokers for spot and TC cargo movement
  • Optimize the cargo intake, quicker turn around at ports, seamless integration among stakeholders
  • Oversee the vessel movement from load to disport, safe containment of cargo during passage, 24X7 supervision.
  • Voyage Management services supporting owners for DA, demurrage and conciliation services after the voyage is completed.
  • Aligning vessel operations to meet charterers and terminal requirements
  • Strategic advice for taking a call in non-decisive market

Trading Activities

Our trading team works with a single aim to be a centre of excellence for commodities, bulk trading and create stakeholder value by providing innovative end-to-end solutions.

We take pride in understanding our buyers’ requirements and provide comprehensive solutions accordingly. We closely track the major markets and have direct sourcing from the manufacturers ranging from Brazil, USA, EU/UK, Madagascar, India and up to Philippines.

A most important feature of our business operations is to always keep Paris Agreement 2015 targets at the centre stage and assist our clients in opting for the best possible solutions. This could be achieved by slow steaming, optimize voyage routes and efficient cargo operations with no slip-ups.